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Plant Floor to SAP Integration Solutions



Whether you are a software company looking to easily add sophisticated SAP interfaces to your product, an industrial automation engineer looking for a cost-effective way to connect your plant floor systems to SAP or a Manufacturing IT professional looking for a way to rapidly build your own SAP interfaces, Junot Systems has an answer for you. Delivered in a variety of ways depending on your specific needs, NLINK® is a configuration-based product suite that installs in minutes and requires absolutely no custom coding to be deployed.

NLINK connects to SAP as an RFC Client using a standard SAP userid. All security authorization, authentication and access privileges are controlled by SAP just like any other user. No transactional data is stored permanently in NLINK, data is received, business logic applied and then the processed data is sent on its way.


Deploy sophisticated real-time interfaces at every level of your Plant Floor between Manufacturing Systems, Applications and Devices and SAP. Event driven or scheduled, the resulting connectivity creates an integrated, automated manufacturing process.


No more pencil and paper. No more disjointed manufacturing process driven by a lack of technology and disconnected systems. Simplify the manufacturing process by deploying sophisticated real-time SAP interfaces that deliver the right information, to the right systems at the right time.


The NLINK Product Suite can display Dashboard (view-only) or Portal (interactive) Text and Graphics on any mobile device that has an HTML5 browser. Integrated Barcode Scanners, Tablets, Smart Phones are all supported. Liberate your SAP data and provide it to users on the go.


Mobilize your SAP plant floor data. Allow users to view SAP data using Graphs, Charts and Grid Displays of Text & Numerical Data on their Mobile Devices, including Smart Phones and Tablets. Any device that supports an HTML5 compatible browser can be used to show graphical displays of SAP data.


Quickly and easily add SAP Barcoding Scanning and Barcode Label Printing to any NLINK installation.


Connect any SCADA, PLC or DCS to SAP using OPC. NLINK acts as an OPC Client and can read OPC tag values, apply business logic and then post the data to SAP. When data from SAP needs to go to the plant floor NLINK reads the data from SAP, filters and transforms it as necessary and then writes it to an OPC tag. The applications are almost limitless:

  • Automatically create SAP Work Notifications from equipment monitoring
  • Automatically upload scanned data from a production line to SAP
  • Provide simple “pre-MES” capabilities to the Plant Floor before purchasing an MES
  • and much more …


Connect any commercial or custom built Manufacturing Execution System to SAP ECC or SAP S/4HANA quickly and easily with our pre-built, out-of-the-box SAP interfaces. Available transaction sets include:

  • Production Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Quality Management
  • Asset Management


Automatically generate mapping diagrams that represent the configuration of an NLINK integration project. Since these drawings are created directly from the NLINK configuration itself, they are always accurate and complete. The drawings are interactive, allowing the user to control how much detail is shown and which aspects of the configuration are exposed or hidden. NLINK solves one of the biggest headaches on the plant floor today; undocumented systems and interfaces.



Junot Systems was founded over 20 years ago to provide a better way to deliver SAP integration solutions to manufacturing companies. Our very first SAP deployment was at a multi-national semiconductor company in 1998. Today we have active NLINK installations in 30 countries spanning five continents. Our SAP integration consultants have an average of 20 years of professional industry experience and a minimum of 10 years tenure at Junot Systems. Junot Systems delivers four things to all our customers: Technology, Experience, Expertise and a Commitment to providing exceptional value at a reasonable price.

SAP Certification


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NLINK Worldwide Deployments


Like any other sophisticated manufacturer, our manufacturing process requires timeliness and accuracy of the data exchanged between the MES and SAP even during those rare instances when the SAP system is temporarily unavailable. NLINK’s robustness and built-in store-and-forward capability has proven to be invaluable in maintaining the reliability and integrity of the data connection between our MES and SAP.

MES Lead, Fortune 100 Lithium Ion Automotive Battery Manufacturer

We needed a simple-to-use, reliable and feature rich SAP integration solution in order for us to build a set of real-time interfaces between our MES and SAP. We found it with NLINK, and since we first started using it in 2006, it has quickly become the cornerstone of our SAP integration strategy.

Sr. Manager, Systems Applications & Development, $12Bn Plastics Manufacturer

We needed to replace an in-house developed set of stand-alone VB apps that were becoming increasingly harder and more expensive to maintain and extend. We needed a mission-critical solution that could consolidate the disparate legacy apps into a single system that did not require custom coding and that had built-in enterprise features like store-and-forward and alarming. We needed a solution that we could use ourselves to build reliable SAP interfaces and we found it with NLINK.

Director of Manufacturing Systems, Largest Independent Tubular Steel Manufacturer in North America

NLINK’s rich set of built-in methods to connect plant floor data to SAP allowed us to rapidly create a number of real-time, bi-directional SAP interfaces that fully integrated our plant floor systems to SAP. NLINK’s ability to query data from SAP without bypassing SAP’s business logic and without having to customize our SAP system greatly simplified the project scope and allowed us to successfully meet our project timeline.

SAP Project Lead, Fortune 100 Manufacturing Company



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